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Golden Goblet

While searching for food in Gebu's bedroom, Ranofer discovers this with the name of an ancient king written in hieroglyphics on it.


Gebu and Ibni use these to steal gold from Rekh's goldsmith shop.

Clay Seals

Gebu uses these marked with his own ring to lock cupboards, food containers, and his bedroom door.


The Ancient makes his living by cutting these beside the river and selling it to the boat makers.

Nest in the Reeds

Ranofer begins meeting his friends, Heqet and the Ancient, in this place beside the river that was created by the rolling of the Ancient's donkey.

Rekh's Goldsmith Shop

At the beginning of the novel, Ranofer works as a porter here.

Gebu's Stone-cutting Shop

Ranofer works for several months here as an apprentice stone cutter when he would really like to be a gold master.

The Scroll Room

Ranofer sees...

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