The Golden Goblet Character Descriptions

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This individual is the the young and orphaned son of a goldsmith. He has always wanted to be a goldsmith like his father.


This individual is Ranofer's half-brother. Ranofer did not know he existed. Therefore, the reader is left to assume that Ranofer's father disowned him because of a lack of morals.


This individual is an apprentice in Rekh's goldsmith shop. He knows less about goldsmithing than Ranofer but is eager to learn.

The Ancient

This individual is an old man who lives in a brick house he built himself beside the river.


This individual is a goldsmith with a shop on the Street of Goldsmiths in Thebes. He limps because he lost part of his foot when gold was accidentally spilled on his foot.


This individual is a master goldsmith who lives in Thebes near the palace.

Setma and Wenamon

These individuals...

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