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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Narcheska say about Bingtown?
(a) They have amazing trade goods.
(b) They have fought against the Outislanders.
(c) The betrothal will be called off is the Queen allies with them.
(d) They will try to destroy the Farseers.

2. What does Tom take from his cottage?
(a) His books.
(b) Letters from Starling.
(c) His scrolls.
(d) The rest of his clothing.

3. What does Dutiful teach Civil?
(a) How to spar with a sword.
(b) How to jump a horse.
(c) The game he learned from Tom.
(d) How to pick-up a woman.

4. Why does Tom ask Chade to send Thick away during his lessons with Dutiful?
(a) Thick's anger interferes with the Skill.
(b) Thick hates the prince.
(c) Thick is too distracting.
(d) Thick is showing up the prince.

5. What does Tom see on the Narcheska's back?
(a) A large brown birthmark.
(b) A tattoo of Dutiful's name.
(c) A serpent tattoo.
(d) Scars from being whipped.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Svanja's father say to Tom?

2. What relation is Hap to Tom?

3. What does the Queen tell Tom about his mother?

4. What do the Piebalds want to do?

5. How does Thick feel about Tom when they first meet?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has Bingtown sent ambassadors to Buckkeep?

2. What do the Piebalds claim about the Witted, and what is actually true about the Piebalds?

3. What does Dutiful want from Tom concerning the prince's betrothal party and what does he order Tom to do? How does Golden help with the prince's command to Tom?

4. What does Tom see and hear when he spies on the Narcheska?

5. Why does Tom think of Molly when he drinks?

6. What happens when Tom meets with the Queen in Chapter IV?

7. What occurs shortly before the Outislanders leave Buckkeep?

8. What happens when Tom goes to Golden's quarters in Chapter XII?

9. What is the Piebald's goal and how do they work towards that goal?

10. What happens in Dutiful's first skill lesson?

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