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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Tom sleep after he is healed?
(a) Four days and nights.
(b) Two days.
(c) One day.
(d) A week.

2. What is everyone talking about in the Chapter Spring Sailing?
(a) An island that was just discovered.
(b) The prince's quest.
(c) The new navy.
(d) The new admiral.

3. Why does Tom use the Skill to bring Thick to him?
(a) To have Thick clean up Chade's rooms.
(b) To give Thick a red whistle.
(c) So Thick can bring firewood.
(d) To make the prince jealous.

4. What does Laudwine tell Padget to do about Civil?
(a) Take him back to his mother's estate.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Kidnap him and hold him for his mother's good behavior.
(d) Kill Civil's cat.

5. What does Tom realize about scrolls he is reading?
(a) They were written by Verity.
(b) They were written after Verity died.
(c) Chade has kept them from Tom.
(d) They are incorrect in many beliefs.

6. How does Thick feel about having Skill lessons?
(a) It is better than being a servant.
(b) He is indifferent about it.
(c) He is wildly enthusiastic about it.
(d) He hates the idea.

7. What does the Queen announce about the Witted?
(a) Witted must serve one year in the army.
(b) If you are Witted you must be registered with the court.
(c) Being Witted is not a crime.
(d) Being Witted is a crime.

8. What does Dutiful skill Tom about concerning Civil?
(a) That Civil is in danger.
(b) That Civil has been hurt.
(c) That Civil is with the Piebalds.
(d) That Civil went home.

9. Why does Kebal want to kill Fitz or Tom?
(a) She does not want to kill them.
(b) She hates men.
(c) She wants to be the White Prophet.
(d) She hates gays.

10. What is Swift doing at the court?
(a) He is a page.
(b) He is visiting Tom.
(c) He is a Queen's messenger.
(d) He is a member of the guard.

11. What does Tom forbid Chade doing?
(a) Killing Civil.
(b) Taking Nettle as an apprentice.
(c) Practicing Skill.
(d) Killing off the rest of the Piebalds.

12. How does Chade feel about what Golden tells Tom about the world?
(a) He wants to kill Golden.
(b) He does not believe it.
(c) He has no reaction to the news.
(d) He becomes fearful.

13. What does Tom do while recuperating?
(a) Looking for an animal with whom he can bond.
(b) Reading scrolls about healing and maintaing the body.
(c) Meeting with the Bingtown ambassadors.
(d) Visiting his daughter.

14. Who does the Queen get in exchange for Dutiful?
(a) Laurel.
(b) Web.
(c) Jek.
(d) Stone.

15. What does the Queen announce about the Witted?
(a) She will allow them their own town.
(b) She announces them to have special status.
(c) She will welcome them in her court.
(d) She asks they join the army.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do some of the Old Blood want from the Queen?

2. Why is Burrich prejudiced against Wit?

3. How is Tom healed of his injury?

4. Why does Tom restore his scars?

5. What happens with Tom and Svanja's father?

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