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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Web teach about the Old Blood?
(a) The Queen and Dutiful.
(b) Dutiful, Civil and Swift.
(c) Tom and Dutiful.
(d) Civil and Dutiful.

2. What happens when Civil was in danger?
(a) His cat attacked Dutiful.
(b) Tom hid Civil.
(c) His cat attacked the Queen.
(d) Dutiful hid Civil.

3. How does Thick feel about having Skill lessons?
(a) It is better than being a servant.
(b) He hates the idea.
(c) He is indifferent about it.
(d) He is wildly enthusiastic about it.

4. How is Nettle feeling towards Tom in his dreams?
(a) Curious.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Angry.
(d) Excited.

5. For what reason does Thick's employer tell Thick to be careful of Tom?
(a) Tom killed Nighteyes.
(b) Tom is using Thick.
(c) Tom chopped off Laudwine's arm.
(d) Tom has a vendetta against all Witted.

6. Why is Chade burned?
(a) He spilt hot soup on his leg.
(b) He fell in the fire.
(c) He tried to use Skill to light a candle.
(d) An experiment blew up on him.

7. What does Starling tell Tom about her husband?
(a) He wants a divorce.
(b) He no longer wants her sexually.
(c) He is spying on the Queen.
(d) He wants to have a child.

8. Why does Kebal want to kill Fitz or Tom?
(a) She wants to be the White Prophet.
(b) She does not want to kill them.
(c) She hates men.
(d) She hates gays.

9. Why is Hap not with Svanja?
(a) She wants an older man.
(b) She has taken up with a sailor.
(c) She has run away from home.
(d) Her father has locked her in the house.

10. What is Swift doing at the court?
(a) He is a page.
(b) He is visiting Tom.
(c) He is a member of the guard.
(d) He is a Queen's messenger.

11. How is Tom healed of his injury?
(a) Jinna heals him.
(b) A coterie of Golden, Dutiful, Chade and Thick.
(c) A hedgewitch uses herbs on him.
(d) Tom heals himself.

12. How does Chade feel about what Golden tells Tom about the world?
(a) He wants to kill Golden.
(b) He has no reaction to the news.
(c) He becomes fearful.
(d) He does not believe it.

13. What does Tom do immediately after he leaves Laudwine?
(a) Calls for Thick.
(b) Returns to the palace.
(c) Goes to a tavern.
(d) Kills a crazed horse.

14. What does Chade say about the Bingtown traders and their dragon?
(a) Their dragon is too old to be of any use.
(b) Their dragon is stone.
(c) They are lying.
(d) They are telling the truth.

15. Why is Burrich prejudiced against Wit?
(a) He believes it is dangerous for the nation.
(b) He thinks it killed Fitz.
(c) He thinks it harmful to animals.
(d) He thinks it has hurt Nettle.

Short Answer Questions

1. On whom were the deaths of Padget and Laudwine blamed?

2. How long does Tom sleep after he is healed?

3. Why is Chade difficult to teach Skill?

4. What does Chade tell Tom he must do?

5. What does Civil tell Laudwine about his mother?

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