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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom do when Dutiful does not come for his lesson?
(a) Report the prince to the Queen.
(b) Go and look for him.
(c) Skill Dutiful to come.
(d) Tell Thick to find the prince.

2. Who is Laudwine's middle man with Thick?
(a) Ratrone.
(b) Padget.
(c) Civil.
(d) Laurel.

3. Why is Burrich prejudiced against Wit?
(a) He thinks it has hurt Nettle.
(b) He believes it is dangerous for the nation.
(c) He thinks it killed Fitz.
(d) He thinks it harmful to animals.

4. What does Tom do immediately after he leaves Laudwine?
(a) Calls for Thick.
(b) Goes to a tavern.
(c) Kills a crazed horse.
(d) Returns to the palace.

5. What do Thick's employers call Tom?
(a) Stink dog.
(b) Dull witted.
(c) Big wolf.
(d) Wit coward.

6. Why does Web stay at the palace?
(a) He likes the food.
(b) He is too old to travel around anymore.
(c) To teach the Farseers about the Old Blood ways.
(d) He likes one of the ladies-in-waiting.

7. Why is Nettle upset?
(a) Burrich and Swift won't tell her why they fight.
(b) She is being sent to court.
(c) She wants Tom to come visit her.
(d) She is not allowed to meet Tom.

8. What type of symbol does Tom discuss in the epilogue?
(a) A triangle.
(b) A square.
(c) A star.
(d) A circle.

9. How much did Civil do for the Piebalds?
(a) He passed little information.
(b) He gave them a great deal of information.
(c) He set up Dutiful's assassination.
(d) He has no connection with the Piebalds.

10. What were the Piebalds doing to Civil's mother?
(a) Trashing her estate to keep her afraid.
(b) Sexually assaulting her.
(c) Pressuring her to join them.
(d) Stealing her money.

11. What does Dutiful skill Tom about concerning Civil?
(a) That Civil has been hurt.
(b) That Civil is in danger.
(c) That Civil is with the Piebalds.
(d) That Civil went home.

12. What happens in Tom's body when it is healed?
(a) A light goes on inside.
(b) Nothing happens.
(c) His body goes into strong spasms.
(d) It turns blue.

13. What does Dutiful tell Tom he knows about Tom?
(a) That Tom killed Verity.
(b) That Tom is Witted.
(c) That Tom is Golden's lover.
(d) That he is really Fitz.

14. Who does Web teach about the Old Blood?
(a) Dutiful, Civil and Swift.
(b) The Queen and Dutiful.
(c) Tom and Dutiful.
(d) Civil and Dutiful.

15. What does Hap say to Tom about love?
(a) That love is painful.
(b) That Tom does not understand love.
(c) That love cannot be denied.
(d) That Tom does not love him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Swift doing at the court?

2. What does Golden plan to do about Dutiful's quest?

3. For what reason does Thick's employer tell Thick to be careful of Tom?

4. Who had the same problem with Tom as Dutiful in the Skill?

5. What does Tom hear again in his dreams?

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