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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is the Narcheska?
(a) Thirteen.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eleven.

2. What does Peottre do with the gown given to Narcheska for the ball?
(a) Has the Narcheska try it on.
(b) Adds some flowers to it.
(c) Rips it up.
(d) Sends it to be ironed.

3. Where do Tom and Dutiful hold lessons?
(a) In the basement.
(b) In Tom's room.
(c) King Verity's tower.
(d) In Dutiful's suite.

4. What does Dutiful want Tom to teach him?
(a) Skill.
(b) How to court Narcheska.
(c) Sword.
(d) Dancing.

5. What can Thick do with Tom?
(a) Enhance Tom's magic.
(b) Make Tom move involuntarily.
(c) Help Tom with math problems.
(d) Speak telepathically.

6. Why does the Queen want to help the Old Blood?
(a) Her husband was Witted.
(b) Dutiful is Witted.
(c) She likes Fitz.
(d) Her mother was Old Blood.

7. What does Tom offer Chade?
(a) To teach Nettle.
(b) To assassinate the leader of the Piebalds.
(c) To leave Buckkeep.
(d) To teach him about the Skill.

8. Where does Nettle show up?
(a) In Dutiful's Skill trips.
(b) In Buckkeep.
(c) In Tom's dreams.
(d) In Laurel's room.

9. What happens to Tom when he goes into a public steam bath?
(a) Nothing.
(b) He is attacked.
(c) His sword is stolen.
(d) He is given a massage.

10. Why do the Piebalds want to keep Tom alive?
(a) To have him spy on the Queen.
(b) To use him.
(c) They don't want to keep him alive.
(d) His brother is a member of the Piebalds.

11. What does Tom do when the Narcheska makes her announcement?
(a) Put a Skill command on Dutiful.
(b) Offers the Narcheska the use of his Skill.
(c) Put a Skill command on the Narcheska.
(d) Pull Dutiful out of the hall.

12. What does Starling call Tom?
(a) Golden's lover.
(b) An ignorant servant.
(c) The Queen's boy.
(d) A two timer.

13. What do the Narcheska and Peottre do about the Bingtown traders?
(a) Ignore them.
(b) Pick a fight with them.
(c) Insult them.
(d) Ask about trading with them.

14. How does Hap feel about his apprenticeship?
(a) He is indifferent to it.
(b) He loves it.
(c) He likes it but wants some changes.
(d) He hates it.

15. Where does Jinna think Hap should live?
(a) With his apprentice master.
(b) Continue living with her.
(c) With his girlfriend.
(d) On his own renting a room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of whom is Dutiful jealous?

2. What does Chade leave for Tom in Chade's tower?

3. Which servant had been rude to the Narcheska?

4. What does the Queen give Tom?

5. How does Hap feel when Tom tells him Nighteyes is dead?

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