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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom find out when he spies on Civil?
(a) That Civil knows who Lord Golden is.
(b) That Civil is connected to the Old Blood.
(c) That Civil is stealing from Dutiful.
(d) Nothing incriminating.

2. What does Chade tell Tom about Laurel?
(a) She will be sleeping in the Queen's chambers.
(b) She has been given a bodyguard.
(c) She is leaving Buckkeep.
(d) She is a spy for the Piebald.

3. Who sees Tom hug Laurel?
(a) Dutiful.
(b) Hap.
(c) Jinna.
(d) Civil.

4. What does the Queen tell Tom about his mother?
(a) She was very powerful.
(b) She was a mountain woman.
(c) She came from Buckkkeep.
(d) She was too young.

5. What does Bingtown want to do with Chalced?
(a) Become part of it.
(b) Annex it.
(c) Destroy it.
(d) Trade with it.

6. What does Chade say Tom must do about Thick?
(a) Take him to the forest to find a bond animal.
(b) Heal the problem in his brain.
(c) Make him like the prince.
(d) Train him in the skill.

7. What does Thick say Nettle said to him?
(a) That she worries the dream man will quit talking with her.
(b) That she is concerned about the dragon.
(c) That Thick should help her find the dream man.
(d) That her father has broken his leg.

8. How does Hap feel when Tom tells him Nighteyes is dead?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Angry.
(d) Devastated.

9. What can Thick do with Tom?
(a) Make Tom move involuntarily.
(b) Help Tom with math problems.
(c) Enhance Tom's magic.
(d) Speak telepathically.

10. What relation is Hap to Tom?
(a) Nephew.
(b) Friend.
(c) Foster son.
(d) Natural son.

11. What does Nettles say is the only time she can reach Tom?
(a) When he is drunk.
(b) When he is in the north tower.
(c) In the early morning.
(d) In his dreams.

12. What does Arkon do when he enters the betrothal ceremony?
(a) Cut his arm on his sword.
(b) Confronts Tom.
(c) Yells at the Queen.
(d) Slaps Dutiful on the back.

13. Which servant had been rude to the Narcheska?
(a) Laurel.
(b) Starling.
(c) Jude.
(d) Peottre.

14. What does Tom see on the Narcheska's back?
(a) A large brown birthmark.
(b) A tattoo of Dutiful's name.
(c) A serpent tattoo.
(d) Scars from being whipped.

15. How was Tom's Skill teacher treat his students?
(a) He was difficult but fair.
(b) Too lenient.
(c) He was like a father to them.
(d) In an abusive manner.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the Narcheska's society different from the Farseers?

2. What is Laurel doing at the Stuck Pig?

3. What does the Narcheska announce at the farewell banquet?

4. How does Dutiful feel towards Civil?

5. What does Tom feel in the forest?

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