The Golden Fool Short Essay - Answer Key

Robin Hobb
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1. Why is Tom sad at the beginning of the book, and what does Lord Golden say about Tom's sadness?

Tom is deeply saddened and in mourning over the death of his pet wolf, Nighteyes. Nighteyes is not just a pet to him; he had been literally part of Tom. Lord Golden says to Tom that he wishes he could cure Tom's sadness over Nighteyes. Tom recognizes that he is lonely.

2. What do the Piebalds claim about the Witted, and what is actually true about the Piebalds?

Piebalds claim persecution by the Witted, or magical people, of the Six Duchies. In actuality, the Piebalds are a rebel group who want to separate and seize power. They hate the Witted Bastard, FitzChivalry Farseer (Badgerlock), who was seen as an obstacle for inheriting the throne.

3. What is the Piebald's goal and how do they work towards that goal?

Piebalds want to overthrow the Farseer monarchy and put one of their own in power. They force the Witted to either unite with them or risk exposure (the Witted remain in secret about their magical identities). Either join the Piebalds alliance or be killed.

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