Objects & Places from The Golden Fool

Robin Hobb
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Six Duchies - Buckkeep Town is located in this state.

Buckkeep Town - This is a small, rural town of magical and non-magical citizens.

Wit - This is a form of magic where one can sense animals and bond with a beast.

Skill - This is a form of magic where one can speak telepathically to other Skilled Ones, and go outside of oneself.

Out Islands - This is a matriarchal society from where the Narcheska comes.

Old Blood - These are the Witted Ones.

Stuck Pig - This is a tavern where Tom and Hap drink in Buckkeep Town.

Aslevjal - This is the frozen island where the dragon, Icefyre, lives.

Jamaillia - This is the northernmost port in the Spice Islands.

Bingtown - This is a port city in the Six Duchies. Traders go in and out of this city.

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