The Golden Fool Character Descriptions

Robin Hobb
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Tom Badgerlock, FitzChivalry Farseer

He is a servant to Lord Golden in Buckkeep Castle.

Prince Dutiful

He is the likely heir to the Farseer throne.


He is Fitz's (Tom's) wolf who dies in an earlier book.

Queen Kettricken, The Queen

She is Prince Dutiful's mother.

The Narcheska

She is the Outislander princess. She is betrothed to Dutiful, but she does not like him.

The Piebalds

They are a rebel group in the Six Duchies.


He is Tom's foster son.

Lord Golden, The Fool

He is a royal in Buckkeep Castle.


He is Tom's old mentor.


He is Chade's servant.


She is a servant to the Queen. She is a Piebalds traitor.


He is the Narcheska's uncle.

Arkon Bloodblade

He is the Narcheska's father.


She is Tom's lover.

Civil Bresinga

He is Dutiful's best friend and confidant.


She is Tom's daughter...

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