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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fanny say her opinion of Charlotte has changed in Book Third Chapter 10?
(a) Fanny says she no longer thinks Charlotte is a good person.
(b) Fanny says she now fears Charlotte.
(c) Fanny says her respect for Charlotte has grown.
(d) Fanny says she is amused by Charlotte's mistakes.

2. Why doesn't Charlotte worry about Fanny saying anything about her affair with the Prince?
(a) Because Charlotte is Fanny's dearest friend.
(b) Because Fanny would be too embarassed to talk about such immoral things.
(c) Because by doing so Fanny would discredit herself.
(d) Because Fanny is having an affair of her own.

3. How does Mr. Verver describe himself, Charlotte, the Prince, and Maggie as a group?
(a) As selfish.
(b) As open-minded.
(c) As reclusive.
(d) As unconventional.

4. Where does Maggie identify some people who will be helpful to her plan?
(a) At Fanny's house.
(b) In her address book.
(c) At the theatre.
(d) At a dinner party.

5. What does Fanny fear being accused of if the truth about the Prince and Charlotte's former relationship comes out?
(a) Lying.
(b) Bribery.
(c) Manipulation.
(d) Conspiracy.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Book Fifth Chapter 1, what does Maggie recognize has put Charlotte in a cage?

2. What does Maggie ask the people the identifies as being helpful to her plan to do?

3. Who does Maggie realize has left the game and is looking for her in Book Fifth Chapter 2?

4. What does Charlotte imply will never happen between she and Mr. Verver?

5. What does the Prince think Mr. Verver and Maggie would have thought of the party in Chapter 8 of Book Third?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the dinner party, when Maggie tries to speak to her husband about Charlotte, what can she not help but appear to feel toward Charlotte?

2. In Book Fourth Chapter 3, what does Maggie devise a plan for? What does this plan include.

3. What does Fanny notice about the Prince's and the Ververs' households in Book Third Chapter 6?

4. What thought about who is to blame for the affair occurs to Maggie when she is on the terrace at Fawns in Book Fifth Chapter 1? What does Maggie realize she is most afraid of happening?

5. What is the day that Charlotte and the Prince are able to spend together likened to in Book Third Chapter 9?

6. What does Charlotte ask Maggie in Book Fifth Chapter 1, and how does Charlotte ask Maggie to prove her response?

7. When Charlotte visits the Prince in Book Third Chapter 5, what do they discuss?

8. In Book Fifth, Chapter 5, how does Fanny explain the sullen behavior being exhibited by Charlotte to Maggie?

9. Why does Maggie suppose the Prince wants to stay near London In Book Sixth Chapter 1?

10. What does Maggie recall Fanny comparing the relationship of Maggie, the Prince, Mr. Verver, and Charlotte to?

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