The Golden Bowl Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are the Prince and Maggie discussing at the beginning of the novel?

The Prince and Maggie are discussing the idea of language. Maggie feels ashamed that her language is not on par with the Prince's English, even though English is her native language. The Prince tries to comfort Maggie by insinuating that there are qualities to be admired besides speech.

2. How did Maggie and her father become knowledgeable on the subject of the Prince's family history?

Although Maggie and her father do not know the Prince as an individual, they are very knowledgeable on the topic of his family history. Maggie admits to the Prince that she has read books about his family. She became interested in the Prince because of his history.

3. What does Maggie share with the Prince about her father when the conversation turns to the romantic outlook of Americans?

Maggie states that her father's outlook on life is the most romantic of anyone she knows. She illustrates this by telling the Prince that her father is collection rare and valuable items so that he can leave behind a museum for his native city.

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