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Short Answer Questions

1. As Lucius eats the rose petals in Chapter 18, what happens?

2. In his dream, what is Lucius told not to fear?

3. What kinds of tricks is Lucius taught in Chapter 16?

4. What is the stepmother sentenced to in Chapter 15?

5. To whom does the crowd attribute the miracle to in Chapter 18?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 13, when the baker finds his wife cheating on him, what does he do? What does the wife do for revenge?

2. In Chapter 10, why are the bandits unhappy with Lucius? What do they decide to do with him?

3. What is unusual about the priests that buy Lucius? How do they get money?

4. Who pays to spend a few nights with Lucius? What idea does this give Thaysus?

5. What does Tlepolemus do after the bandits pass out? What does he do before he leaves the cave?

6. At the Councilor's house, with whom does the stepmother fall in love? How does the person react ?

7. In Chapter 13, why does the cook want to hang himself? What was he supposed to make for dinner?

8. In Chapter 14, who does the gardener encounter on his way home? What happens between them?

9. Who buys Lucius from the baker's daughter? What is Lucius' life like during this time?

10. Why is Lucius not easy to sell at the auction block? How does he feel when he is being sold?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Witches and magic are an important theme in the novel. Write an essay on magic in the novel, paying attention to who uses it, why, and how magic is represented in the novel. Make sure you use at least three examples in your argument.

Essay Topic 2

One of the conflicts in the novel is man versus nature. Write an essay on how this is exemplified in the novel, using at least two examples. Is this argument complicated by the fact that Lucius is a man transformed into animal?

Essay Topic 3

Since Lucius is the protagonist, the novel should also have an antagonist. In your opinion, who is the antagonist? Why? Write an essay to share your opinion. Be sure to use details in your argument.

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