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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Photis confess to Lucius after the trial?

2. What is the name of the traveler who does not believe Aristomenes' story in Book 1?

3. In Chapter 4, what does Photis say kept her from running away?

4. The night after Lucius kisses Photis in the kitchen, what does Photis wear on her head while they make love?

5. What is Cupid's other name?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what job does Telyphron tell Lucius about? Why did Telyphron have this job?

2. After the dinner at Byrrhaena's house, how many men does Lucius find at Milo's gate? What does he do to them?

3. When Aristomenes sees Socrates, what does he say to him? Where does he take Socrates first?

4. While Lucius and Fotis watch, Pamphile turns herself into what? Why?

5. What causes Lucius to turn into a donkey? What is his reaction?

6. Who wants revenge from Psyche? What is the plan to exact revenge?

7. How many sisters does Psyche have? For what are they all known?

8. Over dinner, what do the bandits talk about in their cave in Chapter 6? How many men did they lose in all?

9. In Chapter 2, who does Lucius meet in the market when he goes to buy fish? What does this person do with his fish?

10. Where is Lucius traveling to in Book 1? Whom does he meet on the road?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Golden Ass, many violent acts are committed over jealousy. Using at least two examples, write an essay on the element of jealousy in the novel. How does it impact the characters? What does this say about mankind?

Essay Topic 2

During his journey, Lucius stays with both rich and poor people. Write an essay on how the rich and poor are characterized in the novel. What does this mean? Be sure to use at least two examples in your argument.

Essay Topic 3

The interactions between men and women in the novel are important to the novel's meaning. Write an essay about the interaction between men and women. How do they act towards one another? Is it very different than today? Why or why not?

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