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Preface and Chapter 1: The Story of Aristomenes

• The novel begins with a preface from the author.

• Apuleius explains that he learned Latin later in life and apologizes in advance for the language of the novel.

• Also, there is a statement that the reader will enjoy themselves.

• Lucius, the main character, is traveling through Thessaly when he sees two men in conversation.

• He asks the men to include them in their conversation, saying that he will listen to a good story.
• Aristomenes begins to tell Lucius his story.

• As he is traveling through Thessaly, Aristomenes meets an old friend, Socrates.

• Socrates is ragged and dirty, and Aristomenes takes him to the baths.

• Socrates tells Aristomenes about a woman named Meroe, who he had a sexual relationship with but who also left him in this state.

• Socrates swears that Meroe has special powers, and anyone who speaks ill of her...

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