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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Bellarosa and John wait for the midnight papers to come out?
(a) To help them stay awake all night.
(b) To look for hidden messages.
(c) To read the different stories about Bellarosa's arrest.
(d) To get the weather report.

2. In Chapter 28, why does Bellarosa suggest John call Ferragamo?
(a) To insult him.
(b) To find out the next court date.
(c) To get information about the case.
(d) To show respect.

3. In Chapter 35, why does John encourage Bellarosa to work with the government?
(a) For his safety.
(b) So he can move away.
(c) For the money.
(d) To end the trial quickly.

4. What does Jack Weinstein explain to John at the Plaza Hotel?
(a) How the mafia works.
(b) How criminal cases usually work.
(c) How to talk to the media.
(d) How to stay hidden.

5. What does Bellarosa tell John the first time he acknowledges John's belief of an affair with Susan?
(a) That John is right, but it will continue.
(b) That John should get those ideas out of his head.
(c) That Susan is too classy for that.
(d) That Susan has to be the one to tell him the truth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bellarosa ask John when he takes Jenny back to his hotel room?

2. What does Bellarosa tell John he wants him to do in regard to his bail?

3. While staying at the Plaza Hotel, what does John discover in his suitcase?

4. What does John think of the price he sells the summer house for?

5. In Chapter 26, what does John realize about Ferragamo?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does William Stanhope do with Stanhope Hall?

2. Why does John become upset about Bellarosa's fifty dollar bet on the day of his arrest?

3. What does John consider doing with his life after Susan kills Bellarosa?

4. In Chapter 29, what happens when Bellarosa watches the news?

5. In Chapter 23, what do John and Mancuso talk about?

6. What do John and Bellarosa do after Bellarosa posts bail?

7. What happens when Ferragamo offers Bellarosa a deal in his case?

8. In Chapter 22, what directions does Bellarosa give John in regard to his upcoming arrest?

9. What does John do when he finally returns home from staying at the Plaza Hotel?

10. How do John and Melzer come to an agreement on John's IRS bill?

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