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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John ask Susan to do after Good Friday mass?
(a) Change churches.
(b) Change religions.
(c) Move away.
(d) Find a job.

2. In Chapter 11, what does Bellarosa ask John about legally?
(a) Money laundering.
(b) Stock buying.
(c) Burglery.
(d) Trespassers.

3. What does John tell his children he might have to see?
(a) Their summer home.
(b) Their trust funds.
(c) Their cars.
(d) Their plane.

4. In Chapter 18, what reason does John give for being surprised about the friendship developing between Susan and Anna?
(a) They are different.
(b) Susan is overly pushy.
(c) Susan is afraid of the Bellarosas.
(d) Anna spreads rumors.

5. How does John describe having a personal relationship with Bellarosa?
(a) Profitable.
(b) Acceptable.
(c) Complicated.
(d) Unacceptable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which club do John and Susan dine at in Chapter 5?

2. What does John ask Bellarosa about favors after dealing with the stables?

3. How do the other country club members react to John meeting with Bellarosa at the club in Chapter 19?

4. When the Sutters children come home in Chapter 20, where do they go?

5. What does John think about Susan's parent's estate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What IRS problems does John have with Novac?

2. How does Bellarosa ask for John's help in the Juan Carranza case?

3. How does Bellarosa try to help John with his tax problems?

4. When John visits Alhambra in Chapter 3, what does he find?

5. In Chapter 5, how does John fear he insulted Lester?

6. What does Bellarosa ask John for in Chapter 19?

7. In Chapter 8, what does Lester want to do with the stock certificates one of John's clients found?

8. What does Susan tell John about her childhood playhouse?

9. How does Dominic help John in Chapter 13?

10. At the end of Chapter 14, how does Susan frustrate John?

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