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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John ask Susan to do after Good Friday mass?
(a) Change religions.
(b) Find a job.
(c) Move away.
(d) Change churches.

2. Why does John wear his glasses while visiting the Bellarosas in Chapter 15?
(a) To see better.
(b) To look different.
(c) To look older.
(d) To look smarter.

3. In Chapter 11, what does Bellarosa want John to represent him in?
(a) A fundraiser.
(b) A business deal.
(c) A real estate deal.
(d) A non-profit deal.

4. Which club do John and Susan dine at in Chapter 5?
(a) The Crescent Club.
(b) The Deer Club.
(c) The Diamond Club.
(d) The Creek Club.

5. Who did Mr. Melzer used to work for?
(a) The President.
(b) The Mayor.
(c) The IRS.
(d) The CIA.

Short Answer Questions

1. After talking about Susan's stables, why does John believe Bellarosa wants a relationship with him?

2. In Chapter 6, what is so exciting about the stock certificates an old woman brings to John?

3. How does John describe having a business relationship with Bellarosa?

4. What does Bellarosa say Melzer can do for John with his IRS problems?

5. In Chapter 18, what reason does John give for being surprised about the friendship developing between Susan and Anna?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dominic help John in Chapter 13?

2. Who is Bellarosa?

3. How does Bellarosa try to help John with his tax problems?

4. What do John and Susan discuss after Good Friday mass?

5. What are John's parent's like?

6. How does Bellarosa ask for John's help in the Juan Carranza case?

7. When John visits Alhambra in Chapter 3, what does he find?

8. What do the Sutters do for the weekend when their children visit in Chapter 20?

9. How does John spend Easter?

10. What does Anna tell John she worries about in the new neighborhood in Chapter 17?

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