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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bellarosa say the mafia differs from other criminals?
(a) They are smart with their money.
(b) They aren't different.
(c) They follow rules.
(d) They respect their elders.

2. How does John treat his family during Easter in Chapter 10?
(a) He avoids most of them.
(b) He lends some of them money.
(c) He tells them all about his life.
(d) He catches up with them.

3. What does Melzer offer John the first time they meet?
(a) A partnership.
(b) A check.
(c) A vacation.
(d) A new car.

4. What is Susan Sutter's family's house called?
(a) Hopewell Hall.
(b) Stanhope Hall.
(c) Residency Hall.
(d) Blossom Hall.

5. How do Lester and Judy Remson react when they find out Bellarosa is moving next door to John and Susan?
(a) They are not impressed.
(b) They are in shock.
(c) They laugh.
(d) They are angry.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the Sutters children come home in Chapter 20, where do they go?

2. What does Susan fear Frank Bellarosa won't understand?

3. Why does Susan tell John they can't go away for a few months in Chapter 21?

4. Why does John feel happy to be alive in Chapter 10?

5. What does John ask Bellarosa about favors after dealing with the stables?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprises John about Stanhope Hall in Chapter 14?

2. What advice does John give Susan about talking on the phone in Chapter 13?

3. In Chapter 5, how does John fear he insulted Lester?

4. What IRS problems does John have with Novac?

5. What happens when John visits Bellarosa's property on Easter?

6. What happens when John's father calls him at the end of Chapter 21?

7. How does Bellarosa ask for John's help in the Juan Carranza case?

8. What are John's parent's like?

9. What do John and Susan discuss after Good Friday mass?

10. What happens when Bellarosa meets with John in Chapter 11?

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