Objects & Places from The Gold Coast

Nelson Demille
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The Gold Coast - This is the North Shore of Long Island, New York.

Stanhope Hall - This is a vacant fifty room mansion.

Alhambra - This is a Spanish-style mansion.

Hick's Nursery - This is where John Sutter first meets Frank Bellarosa.

Grace Lane - This is the private road that provides access to the homes of the Sutter's and the Bellarosa's.

St. Mark's - This is John and Susan's church.

The Creek Country Club - This is where John and Susan take the Bellarosa's for dinner, upsetting the other people there.

Perkins, Perkins, Sutter, and Reynolds - This is where John works.

McGlades's - This is where people sometimes go to relax and have a drink.

Buddy's Hole - This is where John tells his parents that he no longer wishes to see them, having grown tired of trying to please them.

Giulio's - This...

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