Daily Lessons for Teaching The Gold Coast

Nelson Demille
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Lesson 1 (from Part I: Chapters 1-5)


In the beginning of this novel, Susan's mood swings can be difficult to deal with yet she is still a somewhat sympathetic character. The objective of this lesson is to analyze how Susan is defined early in the novel.


1) Class discussion: Who is Susan? What is Susan's family like? What is Susan's parent's house like? Why is their estate empty? What was Susan given as a wedding present? How much land was Susan given with this gift? What does Susan look like? What are Susan's hobbies? Why does Susan often have wild mood swings? How are the mood swings described? Why does Susan feel so entitled to things? How is Susan forgiven for this? What is Susan's relationship like with John? How does Susan interact with the Allards? What does this reveal about her? How does Susan interact with her friends? What does this reveal...

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