The Gold Coast Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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John Sutter

This character is a lawyer who agrees to represent a mafia don, but has his marriage ruined in the process.

Frank Bellarosa

This character is a mafia don who manipulates people to get his way.

Susan Stanhope Sutter

This character kills a mafia don in his home.

Ethel Allard

This character is a servant for the Stanhopes, and lives on their property even after it is sold.

George Allard

This character is the mostly retired caretaker of Stanhope Hall and the estate.

Special Agent Felix Mancuso

This character works for the FBI and specializes in the mafia.

Alphonse Ferragamo

This character is an attorney who builds a case against a mafia don. He keeps delaying the trial, however.

Jack Weinstein

This character is an attorney who usually works in criminal court.

Juan Carranza

This character is a drug dealer who is murdered.

Anna Bellarosa

This character...

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