The Gold Coast Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Part I: Chapters 1-5

• John and Susan live in the affluent Gold Coast area.

• John learns that Bellarosa, a mafia don is moving next door.

• John and Susan try to adjust to this news.

Part II: Chapters 6-10

• Lester suggests converting John's clients stocks into cash and taking the money.

• John becomes jealous when Susan cleans the stables with two college boys.

• John visits Bellarosa's property and is chased off.

• John spends Easter with his family re-evaluating his life.

Part II: Chapters 11-14

• Bellarosa asks John to represent him in a real estate deal, but John turns him down.

• Susan plans on moving her stables, and Bellarosa suggests a builder who could help her.

• John decides that a personal relationship with Bellarosa wouldn't be so bad.

• John and Susan go to Bellarosa's for drinks.

Part III: Chapters 15-17

• John and Susan meet Anna Bellarosa.

• Bellarosa tells John he...

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