The Gods Themselves Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Dr. Hallam's life change in Chapter 1?

Dr. Hallam is a mediocre radiochemist until he discovers that a jar of tungsten on his desk has changed.

2. What is special about Plutonium in Chapter 1?

The Plutonium discovered in Dr. Hallam's jar instead of the tungsten cannot have come from the Universe that he inhabits.

3. Describe Dr. Lamont.

Dr. Lamont is a young scientist who initially is enamored by Hallam and wants to study him and the discovery of the Electron Pump.

4. What is Hallam's theory about the tungsten in Chapter 2?

Hallam theorizes that beings in another universe sent the Plutonium instead of the tungsten and that they use the tungsten for energy.

5. What does Hallam say about energy and the two universes in Chapter 2?

Hallam argues that the two universes work together to pump materials back and forth such as tungsten and Plutonium to make most of energy needed.

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