The Gods Themselves Character Descriptions

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Benjamin Allan Denison

This character is a radiochemist whose reputation is ruined and then goes into cosmetics, becoming Vice President and lives on the moon.


This character is the Emotional or Mid part of the Triad and unlike typical Emotionals, is more interested in intellectual parts of life than is normal. This character recognizes that there is something wrong with the proton pump.

Dr. Fredrick Hallam

This character is the scientist that invented the Electron Pump, enjoys a lot of power, is not very intelligent and develops adversaries.

Dr. Peter Lamont

This character challenges the inventor of the Electron Pump, contacts beings in the para Universe, and assists in finding a cure for the Electron Pump's negative effect on the Sun.

Selene Lindstrom

This character is a tour guide for Earthlings that come to visit the moon and is an Intuitionist.


This character is the name...

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