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Section 1: Against Stupidity: Chapter: 1-10

• In Chapter 1, Dr. Frederick Hallam was a radiochemist who had a mediocre future until he happened to find a jar of tungsten on his desk had changed.

• Hallam demanded to know who had been changing things on his desk and Dr. Benjamin Denison, a college of Dr. Hallam's, made fun of Hallam's ignorance.

• This pushed Hallam to do tests on the new substance that had been left in place of the tungsten.

• The substance comes back as being Plutonium 186, but that is impossible since that substance cannot exist in our Universe.

• There are several more tests run, and it is determined that each measurement of the energy from the positrons is a little higher each time tested.

• Chapter 2 explains that when Dr. Lamont was younger, he was trying to write a paper on Hallam and the discovery of the Electron Pump.

• It was...

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