Daily Lessons for Teaching The Godfather Returns

Mark Winegardner
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Mark Winegardner takes a familiar story written by a different author, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, and begins the task of telling a new story about someone else's characters. Not coming up with the characters on his own, the author's hands are somewhat tied in an effort to be true to the original writing. The object of this Lesson Plan is to examine the benefits and challenges involved in writing a story's continuation.


1. Task: Break into small groups and determine the pros and cons of writing a book as part of an existing series. What would be easier? What would be more challenging?

2. Task: Create a list of concerns an author must keep in mind when writing a novel as part of a larger series. What concerns are specific to the serial novel? What concerns are the same for any novel?

3. Class Discussion: Discuss how...

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