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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hermione receive hate mail after the second challenge is completed?
(a) Girls are jealous of her relationship with Krum.
(b) Rita Skeeter wrote a horrible article about her.
(c) She has been becoming more beautiful and people are jealous.
(d) She scored high on a test and broke the curve.

2. What spell does Harry use when Voldemort tries to use the Killing Curse on him?
(a) A stunning spell.
(b) Expelliarmus.
(c) Alohamora.
(d) The Patronus Charm.

3. What is Ron most embarrassed about as the time for the Yule Ball approaches?
(a) His nervous giggle around girls.
(b) His shabby robes.
(c) His awful dancing.
(d) His unstoppable blushing.

4. Why is Percy present at the Yule Ball?
(a) He is standing in for Mr. Crouch who is ill.
(b) He wanted to see his brothers dance.
(c) He was hired as a chaperone.
(d) He is one of the extra body guards for Mr. Crouch.

5. How did Cornelius Fudge punish Barty Crouch Jr.?
(a) Locked him in Azkaban.
(b) Had the dementors give him the death kiss.
(c) Punished him to a life of manual labor.
(d) Used the Killing Curse on him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ron and Hermione do while Harry is preparing himself for the third challenge?

2. What is Sirius's alias name while hiding in the cave near Hogwarts?

3. Who is Hermione's secret date to the Yule Ball?

4. What happens when Harry opens the egg under water?

5. Why does Harry save Fleur's sister from the lake?

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