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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which ghost does Harry see while in the prefect's restroom?
(a) Nearly Headless Nick.
(b) The Bloody Baron.
(c) Peeves.
(d) Moaning Murtle.

2. What does Harry do with the money he wins from the Triwizard Tournament?
(a) Donates it to the school.
(b) Gives it to the Diggorys.
(c) Gives it to Fred and George.
(d) Places it in the bank.

3. Who tells Rita that Harry can talk to snakes?
(a) George Weasley.
(b) Draco Malfoy.
(c) Cedric Digggory.
(d) Victor Krum.

4. Why does Fudge not take measures to prevent Voldemort's uprising?
(a) He does not believe he has returned.
(b) He is secretly a Death Eater himself.
(c) He wants to consult with his board of administrators first.
(d) He knows nothing can be done.

5. What does Dumbledore do at the end of the school year that is against the orders of Cornelius Fudge?
(a) Tells the students Voldemort is back.
(b) Holds a funeral service for Cedric.
(c) Has a duel with Voldemort.
(d) Places an article in the Daily Prophet about what Harry experienced.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry have to figure out how to do before the second task?

2. What does Dobby give Harry just before the second task is to begin?

3. Why does Harry not take Ludo Bagman's offer before the second challenge?

4. Why does Hermione receive hate mail after the second challenge is completed?

5. What does Rita Skeeter criticize Dumbledore for doing in her article about Hogwarts?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Barty Crouch disguise himself so well as Mad-Eye Moody?

2. Why does Dumbledore use a Pensieve?

3. What does Cornelius Fudge think of Harry's story about Voldemort in the cemetery?

4. Where is Harry forced to spend his summer vacation?

5. Why did Mad-Eye Moody never kill anyone while he was an auror?

6. How can Professor Moody see Harry even when he is wearing his invisibility cloak?

7. Why doesn't Harry take the scolding letter from Sirius very seriously?

8. What do the spirits from Voldemort's wand do when they see Harry?

9. Why does Harry not accept Ludo Bagman's offer to help him solve his clue for the second challenge?

10. Who helps Harry unravel the mystery of the Golden Egg?

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