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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Harry win the Triwizard Tournament?
(a) The challenges were chosen to suit his strengths.
(b) Harry was the best winner.
(c) The contestants were weakened by Voldemort so Harry could win.
(d) Voldemort's servant helped him all along.

2. What was the Goblet?
(a) Voldemort in disguise.
(b) A messenger.
(c) A portkey.
(d) An evil omen.

3. Who sent Barty Crouch Jr. to prison?
(a) Mad-Eye Moody.
(b) Dumbledore.
(c) Cornelius Fudge.
(d) Mr. Crouch.

4. Why does Harry not take Ludo Bagman's offer before the second challenge?
(a) He does not trust Ludo Bagman.
(b) He doesn't think it would be fair.
(c) He does not want to be disqualified.
(d) He simply does not care about winning at all.

5. Who do Harry and Krum find while walking in the forest?
(a) Mad-Eye Moody.
(b) Mr. Crouch.
(c) Ludo Bagman.
(d) Sirius Black.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Voldemort give Harry his wand?

2. What does Wormtail add of his own to the cauldron that Voldemort is in?

3. What happens when Harry looks too closely at a bowl of silvery liquid in Dumbledore's office?

4. Where does Dumbledore take the real Moody after he is found?

5. Why does Fleur hope to come back to England some day?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Voldemort lose his powers?

2. How can Professor Moody see Harry even when he is wearing his invisibility cloak?

3. Who helps Harry unravel the mystery of the Golden Egg?

4. Why does Dumbledore leave Harry alone in his office after Harry's dream in Divination class?

5. What does Hagrid admit to Madame Maxime during the Yule Ball?

6. Why doesn't Harry take the scolding letter from Sirius very seriously?

7. What is the name of the business that Fred and George plan to fund with the money they receive from Harry?

8. Who is the man in the chair in Harry's dream during Divination?

9. Why did Mad-Eye Moody never kill anyone while he was an auror?

10. What does Mr. Crouch do when he is alone with Krum in the forest?

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