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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 36 - The Parting of the Ways.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Krum ask Harry when he takes Harry into the forest?
(a) If he has feelings for Hermione.
(b) If he knows why Hermione has been crying.
(c) If Hermione talks about him.
(d) If he would mind if Krum asks Hermione to go on a date.

2. Why is Harry so afraid when he is announced as one of the contestants?
(a) He knows he is not prepared.
(b) He does not want his friendships to be hurt.
(c) He thinks someone put his name in to get him hurt.
(d) He is worried about Sirius.

3. What Death Eater's name did Karkaroff give to get himself out of being imprisoned?
(a) Lucius Malfoy.
(b) Severus Snape.
(c) Mad-Eye Moody.
(d) Bary Crouch Jr.

4. Who is the only student who believes that Harry did not put his own name into the Goblet of Fire?
(a) Hermione.
(b) Fred.
(c) Ginny.
(d) Ron.

5. What does Harry think Snape is trying to do the day after he figures out the clue in the egg?
(a) Spy on him.
(b) Find a way to punish him.
(c) Put him in danger.
(d) Protect him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which tournament champion does Malfoy root for?

2. Who comes to see Harry just before his third challenge?

3. Whys is this summer worse than all the others Harry has spent with the Dursleys?

4. Whose grave are Harry and Cedric standing on when they get to the cemetery?

5. Who does Ron first ask to the big dance?

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