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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20 – The First Task.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Sirius hiding now that he has come to see Harry?
(a) In the forest.
(b) Somewhere in town.
(c) With Hagrid.
(d) In a forgotten room at Hogwarts.

2. What kind of wood is Harry's wand made from?
(a) Oak wood.
(b) Willow wood.
(c) Holly wood.
(d) Cherry wood.

3. What do some drunk wizards do to some muggles the night after the Quidditch World Cup?
(a) Reveal their magical nature to them.
(b) Taunt, jeer, and cruelly misuse them.
(c) Kill them.
(d) Try to teach them how to use magic.

4. What happens when Dudley eats a toffee left on the ground by the twins?
(a) He turns blue.
(b) He begins to shrink.
(c) His tongue expands.
(d) Steam comes out of his ears.

5. Who announces the regulations of the Triwizard Tournament after the other two schools arrive?
(a) Mr. Crouch.
(b) Madame Maxim.
(c) Dumbledore.
(d) Ludo Bagman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Riddles' gardener?

2. Why is everyone so shocked that Harry is chosen as one of the contestants?

3. How many fans fit in the Quidditch Cup stadium?

4. Why must Sirius hide when he comes to see Harry at Hogwarts?

5. What is the name of the town where the Riddle family lived?

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