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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 36 - The Parting of the Ways.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of wood is Harry's wand made from?
(a) Cherry wood.
(b) Holly wood.
(c) Oak wood.
(d) Willow wood.

2. Why does Fudge not believe that Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater?
(a) Malfoy has already undergone a trial and was found innocent.
(b) Malfoy is his trusted associate.
(c) He needs Malfoy's money.
(d) Malfoy's family would lose everything if he followed Voldemort.

3. What does Sirius scold Harry for after hearing about the situation with Crouch in the forest?
(a) Leaving Krum alone in the forest.
(b) Telling Snape what happened.
(c) Not writing him sooner.
(d) Going into the forest.

4. Why is Harry forced to compete even with all the controversy surrounding his entry?
(a) It is against the rules for him to back out now.
(b) He will be severely punished if he leaves now.
(c) It would disgrace Hogwarts if he did not compete now.
(d) He signed a contract.

5. Who does Harry really have a crush on?
(a) Hermione Granger.
(b) Lavender Brown.
(c) Ginny Weasley.
(d) Cho Chang.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry do when he sees that Voldemort is afraid while they are dueling in the cemetery?

2. What does Harry think Snape is trying to do the day after he figures out the clue in the egg?

3. What does Ron enjoy after the second challenge is completed?

4. Who does Ron first ask to the big dance?

5. What does Wormtail add of his own to the cauldron that Voldemort is in?

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