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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16 - The Goblet of Fire.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is criticized in the newspaper for the embarrassing situation with Mad-Eye Moody?
(a) Mr. Weasley.
(b) Mr. Diggory.
(c) Mr. Malfoy.
(d) Mr. Granger.

2. Who announces the regulations of the Triwizard Tournament after the other two schools arrive?
(a) Ludo Bagman.
(b) Madame Maxim.
(c) Dumbledore.
(d) Mr. Crouch.

3. Why is everyone so shocked that Harry is chosen as one of the contestants?
(a) He was sick on the day the entries were taken.
(b) He did not enter his name.
(c) Cedric was already chosen.
(d) He is not old enough.

4. What does Mr. Weasley get tickets to that excites Harry?
(a) The Wizad Olympics.
(b) The Tri-Wizard Tournament.
(c) The Dragon Games.
(d) The Quidditch World Cup.

5. What are the followers of Voldemort called?
(a) Death Eaters.
(b) Voldemort's Legion.
(c) The Army of Evil.
(d) The Dark Force.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sirius tell Harry he plans to do after hearing about his scar hurting?

2. What do some drunk wizards do to some muggles the night after the Quidditch World Cup?

3. What is so peculiar about the wizard tents?

4. What happens to muggles when they approach the stadium?

5. What is so peculiar about the letter Mr. Weasley sends Harry by post?

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