Objects & Places from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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These are humans with no magical powers.


These are wizards or witches who have a human parent.


These are small magical creatures with pointed ears, used by wizards and witches as unpaid house workers.


These are beautiful, seductive dancing women with an ethereal quality to entrance and enchant their audience.


These are tiny, lively, bearded magical men from Ireland dressed in green with red waistcoats.


These are law enforcing wizards who hunt and arrest evil wizards.

Death Eaters

These are wizard and witch practitioners of the Dark Arts who follow Lord Voldemort.

Dark Wizards

These are wizards who deal in the Dark Arts and bring about harm.


These are sightless soul-sucking creatures used to guard prisoners.


This is an object with the power to instantly transport wizards and witches from place to place.


This is a popular sport played...

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