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Part I: July 1753

• Before the story begins, there is a family tree showing the ancestry of the Lewis family descended from Muhammad Bilal.
• Muhammad is shackled on the ship at the beginning of the book. He is there with other people sold as slaves.
• They stay there for 19 days while other slaves are found and thrown into the ship.
• They travel for a month across the Atlantic Ocean. Muhammad is allowed water and small portions of food twice a day and an hour of sunshine on the deck.
• Muhammad hears screams in the night and sees people dying. He promises himself that he will survive no matter what happens to him.

Part II: March 1864

• Lizzy is picking sweet potatoes on a Sunday, which is strange as they normally do not work on Sundays. The foreman watches Moses closely.

• Recently Moses's son and brother ran away. Lem, his son...

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