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Simon Mawer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Viktor know his children are now considered in "A Day in the Life"?
(a) American.
(b) Bastards.
(c) Half-breeds.
(d) God-like.

2. In "Proposal," Kata insists that if this is love, Viktor would do what?
(a) Kill her.
(b) Tell his wife everything.
(c) Run away with her.
(d) Kill himself.

3. In "Small Issue," Viktor decides that what month is the latest the family can stay in Czechoslovakia?
(a) March.
(b) September.
(c) August.
(d) November.

4. Liesel wants to offer Kata and her fellow refugees what in order to help them in "Encounter"?
(a) Passage to America.
(b) Her family's cottage.
(c) Her car.
(d) A job.

5. What is the name of the second child Viktor and Liesel have in "Birth"?
(a) Hana.
(b) Sarah.
(c) Ottilie.
(d) Martin.

6. What is the name of Viktor and Liesel's daughter in "Construction"?
(a) Ottilie.
(b) Zdenka.
(c) Rainer.
(d) Marika.

7. In "Completion," Liesel's mother thinks the house looks like ____________.
(a) A museum.
(b) A laboratory or hospital.
(c) A school or office.
(d) A cathedral.

8. When Viktor leaves Kata in "Love," he gives her a check for how much money?
(a) 10 thousand schillings.
(b) 1 thousand schillings.
(c) 30 thousand schillings.
(d) 15 thousand schillings.

9. "Happy Families" begins with Liesel reading a review of the house in __________.
(a) An art journal.
(b) An American magazine.
(c) An architectural journal.
(d) A newspaper.

10. What is formed of bands of chalcedony in alternating colors?
(a) Graphite.
(b) Sediment.
(c) Marble.
(d) Onyx.

11. In what month does the Landauer family move into the completed house in "Completion"?
(a) September.
(b) November.
(c) December.
(d) January.

12. The house that is being designed for Liesel and Viktor is described as looking ___________.
(a) Upside down.
(b) Inside out.
(c) Burly and heavy.
(d) Blue and green.

13. In "Chata," Viktor goes to whom to let him know that he will become the CEO of Landauer Motors?
(a) Tomas.
(b) Oskar.
(c) Stahl.
(d) Liesel's father.

14. What is the name of Hana's husband?
(a) Viktor.
(b) Tomas.
(c) Oskar.
(d) Ottilie.

15. In "Conception," the architect tells Liesel and Viktor that he wishes to not only design the outside of the house, he now wants to create what on the inside of the house?
(a) "A whole world."
(b) "A gypsy world."
(c) "A universe of love."
(d) A fountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Viktor sign the note he leaves for Kata in "Loss"?

2. Who comforts Liesel when she becomes upset thinking of her brother in "Conception"?

3. In "Interior," Viktor and Liesel go where for a holiday?

4. In "Love," Kata's daughter asks if Viktor is one of her mother's _________.

5. Who tells Liesel she wants to sleep with Eva and help her escape from her horrible husband in "Ecstasy"?

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