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Jeannette Walls
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three, Welch, Pages 183-241,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rose Mary inherit when her mother dies?
(a) Several hundred thousand dollars.
(b) A mansion.
(c) A house in Arizona and land in Texas.
(d) Her mother's jewelry collection.

2. Why does Rex tell his family that he has lost his job?
(a) There is no more work, the company is closing.
(b) His boss does not like him.
(c) Because it's time to quit and "look for gold."
(d) Because the government made his company fire him.

3. How does Rose Mary feel about her current living situation?
(a) She is all right with being homeless.
(b) She is angry that she cannot find a job.
(c) She is thinking about returning to her parent's home.
(d) She has been looking for a new place for a while and is very frustrated.

4. What is Rex's educational background?
(a) He has no education beyond grammar school.
(b) He did not graduate high school, but is very well-read.
(c) He has never had any formal schooling.
(d) He is educated and has worked as an engineer.

5. What is Jeannette's mother doing when Jeannette hurt herself in Part 2?
(a) She is in the other room, painting.
(b) She is asleep in the living room.
(c) She is not in the house.
(d) She is helping Jeannette.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of childhood does Jeannette say she had?

2. What happens to Jeannette when she first starts school in Blythe?

3. Why does Brian go to investigate the Green Lantern?

4. Why does Jeannette enjoy staying with Grandma Smith?

5. What do the Walls parents teach the children?

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