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Jeannette Walls
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, The Desert, Pages 62-125,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the Walls children begin school in Phoenix?
(a) They are very popular right away.
(b) They decide not to return after the first week.
(c) They are put into advanced classes.
(d) They are all put into special education classes.

2. What is the Green Lantern?
(a) A spot in the woods where Jeannette and Brian play.
(b) A bar where the parents often go.
(c) A brothel that the children frequently walk by.
(d) The secret place where the children go to play.

3. Why does Rex take the children to the zoo?
(a) He tells them they should be out doing things, and not in school.
(b) Because he believes that they should learn more about science.
(c) He takes them for an Easter present.
(d) He says that he is getting claustrophobic being in the city.

4. What happens when Jeannette is released from the hospital?
(a) She is able to get up and walk outside so the doctor tells her she can go.
(b) The doctors realize that they cannot keep her from her family.
(c) Her father takes her out against medical advice.
(d) Jeannette's mother cannot pay the bill, so the hospital lets her go.

5. Where is Jeannette going when she first sees Rose Mary at the beginning of the book?
(a) She is in line at the pharmacy.
(b) She is in a cab, on the way to a party.
(c) She is working in her office.
(d) She is walking down the street.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jeannette's parents believe that children need:

2. What type of childhood does Jeannette say she had?

3. In Part 2, how old is Jeannette when she gets injured?

4. What happens when the children are traveling in the back of the U-haul to Battle Mountain?

5. How long does Jeannette stay in the hospital?

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