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Jeannette Walls
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, The Desert, Pages 9-61 ,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rex say that the family must leave Las Vegas?
(a) He wants to take them to stay with his mother-in-law.
(b) The family is getting kicked out of their home.
(c) He says that a blackjack dealer has figured out his "system" and they could get in trouble.
(d) He says that the FBI is after them.

2. What does Jeannette do after she first sees Rose Mary at the beginning of the book?
(a) Calls her friend to talk.
(b) Asks to be taken back home.
(c) Goes on to a party.
(d) Cries.

3. What happens when the children are traveling in the back of the U-haul to Battle Mountain?
(a) The truck catches on fire.
(b) The door of the U-haul comes open and the parents don't notice.
(c) The baby becomes very ill.
(d) The truck breaks down and the children have to hike many hours.

4. Why does Jeannette enjoy staying with Grandma Smith?
(a) She treats Rex with great respect.
(b) She is very funny and easy-going and loves to play.
(c) She indulges the children's every whim.
(d) She provides a sense of stability and makes hot meals.

5. What does Rose Mary want to discuss with her daughter in Part 1?
(a) Politics.
(b) The author's childhood.
(c) How she needs help.
(d) Painters and a recent art exhibit.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Jeannette stay in the hospital?

2. What is Jeannette's manner of telling her story in Part 1?

3. When Rex has no money to buy Christmas presents for the children, what does he give them?

4. What basic needs do Jeannette's family not always provide?

5. What is the glass castle?

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