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Jeannette Walls
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three, Welch, Pages 183-241,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Brian doing as he enters adolescence?
(a) Doing better in school and planning for graduation.
(b) He is getting into trouble and frequently involved in fights.
(c) He has left home and the family has not heard from him.
(d) He stays in his room alone all of the time but does well in school.

2. Where do the children go to shower after there is no longer any bathroom in their house?
(a) To a public restroom at a gas station.
(b) To their friends' houses.
(c) To their Grandpa's apartment.
(d) To the swimming pool.

3. What is the children's sleeping arrangement in their new home in Part 3?
(a) They finally have their own rooms.
(b) They all sleep in one big bed.
(c) The children decide that they will all sleep together in the shed.
(d) They sleep in one room and make beds out of ropes because there is no furniture.

4. Where did Jeannette grow up?
(a) Overseas, where her father was in the Air Force.
(b) In the deep South.
(c) In Canada.
(d) She moved frequently.

5. Where do Jeannette's parents live in Part 1 of the book?
(a) In a nursing home.
(b) With friends in a housing project.
(c) They are homeless.
(d) In a halfway house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jeannette become upset at the man that gives her and her father a ride home from a bar in Part 3?

2. Which of the following does Rose Mary tell Jeannette about changing?

3. According to Rose Mary, how should Jeannette explain her mother's situation to others?

4. How does Rex put Jeannette in a potentially dangerous situation in Part 3?

5. What is Jeannette's mother doing when Jeannette hurt herself in Part 2?

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