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Jeannette Walls
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three, Welch, Pages 129-183,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Rose Mary reacted to previous offers of help from her children?
(a) She will not discuss it.
(b) She tells them that she wants to change but doesn't know how.
(c) She becomes angry but takes the help anyway.
(d) She has turned them down.

2. When Rex is able to get to the family's money, what does he spend it on?
(a) Gifts for the kids.
(b) Useless things for the house.
(c) Alcohol and gambling.
(d) Gifts for his mistress.

3. What is the children's sleeping arrangement in their new home in Part 3?
(a) They finally have their own rooms.
(b) They all sleep in one big bed.
(c) They sleep in one room and make beds out of ropes because there is no furniture.
(d) The children decide that they will all sleep together in the shed.

4. Who helps Rose Mary write and organize her lesson plans?
(a) Another teacher.
(b) Rex.
(c) Lori.
(d) Brian.

5. Why does Rose Mary dislike her teaching job?
(a) She always wanted to be college professor.
(b) Teachers don't make enough money.
(c) Rose Mary dislikes being with other people's children.
(d) Because teaching requires organization and discipline.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jeannette explain her accident to the doctors and nurses at the hospital?

2. What else does Rose Mary tell Jeannette in their meeting that she should do?

3. Why does Jeannette become upset at the man that gives her and her father a ride home from a bar in Part 3?

4. Why does the family often pick up and leave in the middle of the night?

5. How does Jeannette end up hurting herself in Part 2?

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