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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of people first played the Glass Bead Game?
(a) Academics
(b) Musicians
(c) Filmmakers
(d) Writers

2. Why can't players and officials expand on the content of the games?
(a) It would no longer be fun
(b) People would stop playing
(c) It would stop making sense
(d) It contains all knowledge

3. Who invites Knecht to his house?
(a) Ferremonte
(b) The Music Master
(c) The Magister
(d) Designori

4. What is the real name of the current deputy?
(a) Dubios
(b) Zbinden
(c) Von der Trave
(d) Betram

5. Who does Knecht visit in Montepart?
(a) Jabcobus
(b) The Music Master
(c) Designori
(d) Maria

Short Answer Questions

1. What subject does Knecht learn from the Abbot?

2. Who selects the Deputy?

3. Who wins first prize for the Glass Bead competition?

4. Where is the Holy See?

5. What German city was Bastian Perrot's musical academy in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Knecht do during his four-week vacation?

2. What does the author say most biographies are?

3. How does the music Master help Knecht?

4. What does Knecht learn from Father Jacobus?

5. What does Knecht have to wait for before he can leave for Mariafels?

6. What does Knecht do at Hirsland?

7. Why does Knecht have mixed feelings about leaving Tegularius?

8. What is Knecht's only restriction during free study?

9. Why does the headmaster call Knecht to his office?

10. Why does Knecht think that free study is the happiest years of his life?

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