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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the meditation coach?
(a) Tito
(b) Alexander
(c) Franklyn
(d) David

2. Who leaves the note in the calendar?
(a) The previous Magister
(b) Tegularius
(c) The Music Master
(d) The President of the Order

3. Who does Knecht talk to about the Music Master's condition?
(a) Elder Brother
(b) Betram
(c) Ferromonte
(d) Designori

4. What political party did Designori join?
(a) Conseratives
(b) Socialists
(c) Fascists
(d) Liberals

5. What does Knecht say Castalia could not exist without?
(a) Him
(b) The Games
(c) Books
(d) Financial support

6. What is the name of the Rainmaker's daughter?
(a) Jordis
(b) Ada
(c) Hana
(d) Jana

7. What does Knecht think the Order should place emphasis on?
(a) Elite students
(b) Teachers
(c) The Glass Bead Game
(d) The general publilc

8. What does Designori have in Belpunt?
(a) A family cottage
(b) A summer house
(c) A caravan
(d) A hotel

9. What does Knecht enjoy about his position as Magister?
(a) Teaching
(b) Reading
(c) Writing
(d) Politics

10. In what city does the Father Confessor take place?
(a) Budapest
(b) Jordan
(c) Gaza
(d) Belfast

11. What is Knecht's friendship with Tegularius based on?
(a) Tegularius' love for the Order
(b) Tegularius' admiration for Knecht
(c) Tegularius' fortune
(d) Their shared intelligence

12. What is Knecht in the Indian Life?
(a) An Indian God
(b) A blacksmith
(c) A king
(d) A shoemaker

13. Which two people have given Knecht knowledge about the outside world?
(a) The Abbot and Dubois
(b) Tegularuis and Ferromonte
(c) Designori and Father Jacubus
(d) Dubios and Zbinden

14. Where is Knecht requested to appear in person?
(a) Hirsland
(b) Waldzell
(c) Mariafels
(d) Designori's house

15. What does Designori say he has a love-hate relationship with?
(a) Family life
(b) Politics
(c) Academia
(d) Castalia

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Knecht say they should react to Designori's bad experiences?

2. What cause did Designori begin to have doubts about?

3. Waht kind of coach does Knecht send to Designori's home?

4. What does Knecht tell Designori he needs?

5. What is On Reading an Old Philosopher about?

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