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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Knecht say Castalia could not exist without?
(a) The Games
(b) Him
(c) Financial support
(d) Books

2. What do Tegularius' superiors mostly assign him?
(a) Meditation
(b) Gardening
(c) Card making
(d) Speech writing

3. What is the name of Designori's wife?
(a) Janus
(b) Hana
(c) Veraguth
(d) Jordis

4. What political party was Designori's father a member of?
(a) Socailists
(b) Liberals
(c) Fascists
(d) Conservatives

5. Waht kind of coach does Knecht send to Designori's home?
(a) Meditation coach
(b) Fitness coach
(c) Glass Bead Game coach
(d) Life coach

6. Who does Tegularius consult with at the Far Eastern College?
(a) Elder Brother
(b) Designori
(c) Father Jacobus
(d) Middle Brother

7. What does Knecht claim the Order is filled with?
(a) Smugness
(b) Fun
(c) Visciousness
(d) Hate

8. Who does Petrus say he is worried about?
(a) Designori
(b) Elder Brother
(c) The Music Master
(d) Tegularius

9. What does the Rainmaker teach Knecht the knowledge of?
(a) The sun
(b) The stars
(c) The clouds
(d) The moon

10. What is the name of Designori's son?
(a) Reni
(b) David
(c) Tito
(d) Flipper

11. What does Designori teach Knecht?
(a) The real world
(b) The Glass Bead Game
(c) War
(d) Politics

12. What does Knecht think he will have to do if he does not stop feeling tired?
(a) Marry
(b) Go to the city
(c) Go to the doctor
(d) Go back to Waldzell

13. What does the Board say the Order does not take part in?
(a) Politics
(b) Family
(c) The outside world
(d) Religion

14. What subject does Petrus study?
(a) Music
(b) Psychology
(c) History
(d) Mathematics

15. Were does Designori say Knecht and Tito can live?
(a) Waldzell
(b) Hirsland
(c) Berlin
(d) Belpunt

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Knecht feel when he arrives at Belpunt?

2. In what city does the Father Confessor take place?

3. What political party did Designori join?

4. What kind of letter does Knecht write in this chapter?

5. What is the first Games put on by Knecht called?

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