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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two countries does the author state the Game originated in?
(a) Russia and Poland
(b) Japan and Korea
(c) England and Germany
(d) Greece and China

2. What is a student admitted into when he graduates?
(a) The Board
(b) The Order
(c) The Supreme Court
(d) The Glass Bead Game

3. What do people think is the only thing Waldzell graduates are good for?
(a) Academic life
(b) Music
(c) The Glass Bead Game
(d) Writing

4. Who welcomes Knecht back to Waldzell?
(a) Designori
(b) The Magister's deputy
(c) The Magister
(d) Hirsland

5. Why is Knecht different from Mozart and Bach?
(a) He was born in China
(b) He was a mathamatician
(c) He did not leave any work behind
(d) He did not marry

6. What movement does the beginning of the Galss Bead Game go back to?
(a) The phony movement
(b) The intellectual movement
(c) The dada movement
(d) The surrealist movement

7. Why does Knecht not like the position of Magister?
(a) He cannot play the Galss Bead Game
(b) He is too busy
(c) He has no time to study
(d) He does not feel part of the community

8. Where does the Music Master live?
(a) Monteport
(b) Waldzell
(c) Berlin
(d) Munich

9. Who does the author say the book is intended for?
(a) People who play the Game
(b) People who don't know the Game
(c) People interested in the Game
(d) People who hate the Game

10. What does Knecht decide to concentrate on instead of the Glass Bead Game?
(a) Music
(b) Poems
(c) History
(d) Novels

11. What is the Golden Book also known as?
(a) The Wait
(b) The Book of Genuis
(c) The Jidelni Listek
(d) The Climbers List

12. What does the Magister want a representative for?
(a) The Holy View
(b) The Holy Tooth
(c) The Holy Horn
(d) The Holy See

13. Who sees Knecht off at the train station?
(a) His music teacher
(b) His headmaster
(c) His Latin teacher
(d) His German teacher

14. What happens when Knecht is 24-years-old?
(a) He fails his exams
(b) He wins a Glass Bead tournament
(c) He graduates
(d) He finds a job

15. Who does Knecht visit in Montepart?
(a) The Music Master
(b) Maria
(c) Jabcobus
(d) Designori

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Betram run off to after the Magister's death?

2. What language does Knecht study?

3. Who does Knecht write to about his dilemma?

4. Who does Knecht spend time with at Mariafels?

5. Who invites Knecht to his house?

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