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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the main character?
(a) Herman Ungar
(b) Hermann Hesse
(c) Thomas Mann
(d) Joseph Knecht

2. How do Knecht's teachers start treating him differently at the Latin school?
(a) As if they wanted to get rid of him
(b) As if he were dangerous
(c) As if he were a colleague
(d) As if they were jealous of him

3. What does Designori think Knecht will become?
(a) A Music Master
(b) A Games Mater
(c) A politician
(d) A Magister

4. Who is Knecht delighted could make it to his ceremony?
(a) His former Music Master
(b) Designori
(c) His parents
(d) Father Jacobus

5. What is Knecht more interested in doing than playing the Glass Bead Game?
(a) Music
(b) Reading
(c) Drinking
(d) Socializing

6. What happens when Knecht is 24-years-old?
(a) He fails his exams
(b) He wins a Glass Bead tournament
(c) He finds a job
(d) He graduates

7. What is Mariafels?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A school
(c) A church
(d) A monastry

8. What is the only way to learn the Glass Bead Game?
(a) Learning music
(b) Reading the rules
(c) Talking to players
(d) Years of experience

9. Who is Knecht's Shadow?
(a) Dubios
(b) Tegularius
(c) Designori
(d) Zbinden

10. Who is the next person to be elected as Magister Ludi?
(a) Designori
(b) Knecht
(c) Tegularious
(d) Dubios

11. What is the supreme head of the game known as?
(a) The Judge
(b) The Glass Sire
(c) The Ludi Magister
(d) The General

12. Where does the author say Knecht was destined for?
(a) Hollywood
(b) Legend
(c) Castalia
(d) Heaven

13. Who asks Knecht to write him a yearly letter?
(a) Designori
(b) His music teacher
(c) His aunt
(d) The Music Master

14. What is the name of the book Knecht's name is placed in?
(a) The Golden Book
(b) The Glass Bead Book
(c) The Master in Waiting Book
(d) The Ludi Book

15. What does Knecht think the Games must be protected from?
(a) The government
(b) Abuse
(c) Outside influence
(d) Unintelligent people

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wins first prize for the Glass Bead competition?

2. What did Designori study at university?

3. What does Knecht decide to concentrate on instead of the Glass Bead Game?

4. Who is Knecht representing while he is at Mariafels?

5. What do people think is the only thing Waldzell graduates are good for?

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