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This is a region where the academics play the Glass Bead Game.


This is the name for hierarchy of players of the Glass Bead Game.

Cologne, Germany

This is where a Musical Academy is located and is where the Glass Bead Game is supposed to have been invented.


This is a small town where Joseph Knecht attends the Latin School. It may have been the place of his birth.

Eschholz School

This is the elite school that Knecht is sent to after he graduates from the Latin school in Berolfingen. It is the largest school in Castalia.


This is the home of the Music Master where Knecht and one of his classmates spend a few days before Knecht leaves Eschholz.


This is the school that Knecht attends after Eschholz. It is the school that produces the best Glass Bead Game players, which is...

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