The Glass Bead Game Multiple Choice Test Questions

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1. What is the name of the main character?
(a) Herman Ungar
(b) Joseph Knecht
(c) Thomas Mann
(d) Hermann Hesse

2. What game did Knecht play?
(a) The Glass Bead Game
(b) The Adventure Game
(c) The Horror Game
(d) The Orange Seed Game

3. Who does the author say the book is intended for?
(a) People who play the Game
(b) People who hate the Game
(c) People interested in the Game
(d) People who don't know the Game

4. What is the only way to learn the Glass Bead Game?
(a) Learning music
(b) Talking to players
(c) Years of experience
(d) Reading the rules

5. Why can't players and officials expand on the content of the games?
(a) It contains all knowledge
(b) People would stop playing
(c) It would no longer be fun
(d) It would stop making sense

6. What two countries does the author state the Game originated in?
(a) Greece and China
(b) England and Germany
(c) Japan and Korea
(d) Russia and Poland

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