The Glass Bead Game Character Descriptions

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Joseph Knecht

Gifted in music, he attends and graduates from Eschholz and then is sent to Waldzell. This is the school that he wanted because its students excel in the Glass Bead Game and it is located in the center of the Glass Bead district.

Plinio Designori

He is a hospitant, or one who attends the school as a guest with no intention of entering the Order. The school accepts them as favors to their families. He is a brilliant debater. He espouses a non-Castalian point of view, much to the chagrin of the headmaster.

Fritz Tegularius

He is gifted but suffers from various health problems throughout his life. He is assigned to do the research and paperwork for Knecht's petition.

Music Master

He is one of the twelve on the Board of Educators. Knecht views him as his mentor and they keep in touch right up to...

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