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O.T. Nelson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Charlie's new job in the city?
(a) He's in charge of the militia.
(b) He's teaching the children about farming.
(c) He's in charge of the kitchen.
(d) He's figuring out how to make the lights work.

2. How many of the children cry the night after Lisa sends them all to "earn" their new toys?
(a) Three or four.
(b) Only one.
(c) Almost all of them.
(d) None.

3. What does Lisa see when the motorcade turns down Swift Road?
(a) Nothing, it's completely deserted.
(b) Flames and smoke.
(c) Tom Logan's army.
(d) Groups of children from neighboring towns.

4. Where do Todd and Jill go the morning after Lisa's surgery?
(a) To the warehouse.
(b) To the barn.
(c) To look for supplies.
(d) Back to the city.

5. What does Lisa say she feels for Tom?
(a) Hatred.
(b) Friendship.
(c) Sorry for him.
(d) Fear of him.

6. What does Craig say Erika's job will be on the farm?
(a) To drive the trucks.
(b) To drive the tractor.
(c) To keep the farm records.
(d) To run the house and cook.

7. Who does Jill share a room with in the new city?
(a) All the children she had adopted.
(b) Her two sisters.
(c) Erika.
(d) No one.

8. What does Lisa try when the children won't share their toys?
(a) Assigning a toy to each child.
(b) Taking all the toys away.
(c) Spanking them.
(d) Putting them in time out.

9. How many people does Lisa say they should bring in as a trial for her plan?
(a) Three families.
(b) Three kids.
(c) As many as they can find.
(d) Eighty or so.

10. What does Lisa debate as she's preparing to walk out the door?
(a) Whether she's safe.
(b) How to create a better defense.
(c) What she should tell the children.
(d) How to tell the children that Craig is gone.

11. Who first discovers that Lisa isn't dead?
(a) Todd.
(b) Craig.
(c) Tom.
(d) Jill.

12. Which of the following is one of the reasons Jill says there should be more kids at Glenbard?
(a) There would be more friends.
(b) There would be fewer children facing starvation outside.
(c) There would be more people to help build a new government.
(d) There would be more people for her to practice first aid on.

13. How does Craig say the windows of the lower floors can be made secure?
(a) By nailing boards over them.
(b) By putting alarms on them.
(c) By welding covers on them.
(d) By covering them with wire.

14. Why does Charlie say he had to temporarily stop training the dogs?
(a) He's been too busy helping with other jobs.
(b) The dogs have all run away.
(c) He doesn't have winter clothing for the cold temperatures.
(d) His footprints would have led the enemy to the school.

15. Who shoots Lisa?
(a) One of Tom Logan's soldiers.
(b) Tom Logan.
(c) Craig.
(d) One of the sentries who is aiming at Tom Logan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of vehicle does Eileen say there is at her house?

2. What does Lisa find Jill has provided for her breakfast?

3. What does Lisa say Tom is depending on?

4. Why does Lisa say she can't tell Jill and the others the location of the warehouse?

5. Who is going to drive the truck to move the children's belongings to Glenbard?

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