The Girl Who Owned a City Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

O.T. Nelson
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Part One: Chapters 1 and 2

• Lisa is about to break into a house, and she overcomes her fears that she'll be caught or will encounter someone.

• She breaks in, finds soup and other canned foods, and takes medicines and a can opener.

• As she's leaving, she finds a letter from the owner of the home to his son.

• The letter says that all the adults are dying from a plague and that he hopes John survives.

• Lisa, at ten, is responsible for her little brother, Todd, and she got a very similar letter from her own father just days before his death.

• Children under the age of twelve were immune to the virus that killed all the adults.

• Lisa goes home and encounters Jill Jansen, who is looking hungry.

• Jill is taking children into her home.

• Lisa and Todd have a dinner of soup warmed over a charcoal fire...

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