The Girl Who Drank the Moon Character Descriptions

Kelly Barnhill
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This character is one of the central protagonists in the novel. As a young child, she was taken by her mother on the Day of Sacrifice. Her mother refused to give up the child and once forced to do so, was imprisoned for years before her escape.


This character is another of the novel's protagonists. She was orphaned and then enmagicked as a child. She was taken in by a kind wizard who assumed guardianship of her. 500 years later, she saves the life of a young victim of the sacrificial ritual in the Protectorate and mistakenly enmagics her.


This character is a swamp monster who is over 500 years old. He is described as having four arms and a prehensile tail.

Sister Ignatia

This character is the central antagonist in the novel. As a child she was consumed with sorrow and began feeding off of it in...

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