The Girl on the Train Short Essay - Answer Key

Paula Hawkins
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1. On what date does Rachel's narrative begin in the opening of the novel? What is Rachel looking at outside of the train window?

Rachel's narrative opens on Friday, July 5, 2013 in the morning. Rachel is looking at a pile of clothing outside the window by the train tracks and wondering how it got there. She looks for blood on the clothes but cannot see any.

2. How is the house at Number 15 Blenheim Road described by Rachel on Monday, July 8, 2013?

Rachel describes the house at Number 15 Blenheim Road as her favorite house to pass on her daily commute. It is a "Victorian semi, two stories high, overlooking a narrow, well-tended garden which runs around twenty feet down towards some fencing..."

3. How does Rachel envision the relationship between Jason and Jess early in the novel?

Rachel imagines the relationship between these total strangers (to Rachel) as being a perfect marriage. She has given these characters her own made-up names (Jess and Jason), and imagines they are happy and in love. They are an ideal for Rachel.

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