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Paula Hawkins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 222 – 289.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom ask Rachel to promise him on August 12, 2013?
(a) That she will marry him.
(b) That she will never speak to Anna again.
(c) That she will stay away from Dr. Abdic.
(d) That she will stay away from Scott.

2. Who took Rachel to the side and told her she needed to go home because she was drunk in her memory from July 24, 2013?
(a) Robert Walker.
(b) Michael Green.
(c) Rajesh Gujral.
(d) Martin Miles.

3. Who is at Scott's side as he exits his home on the news on August 1, 2013?
(a) Martin Miles.
(b) Detective Sergeant Riley.
(c) Rajesh Gujral.
(d) Detective Inspector Gaskill.

4. Where is Megan placing an application to take a fabrics course, according to the narrative of May 16, 2012?
(a) Lancaster University.
(b) Oxford University.
(c) St. Martin's College.
(d) Brown University.

5. What news does Scott say he learned from the police this morning on August 7, 2013?
(a) He learned that he is being formally charged.
(b) He learned that Megan was having an affair.
(c) He learned that Megan was pregnant.
(d) He learned that Megan committed suicide.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom give to Anna for her birthday on July 20, 2013?

2. Where does Tom claim he went when he returns home to Anna on August 17, 2013?

3. What does Anna note when she listens to the voicemail message on the cell phone she has found on August 18, 2013?

4. What does Scott say the cause of Megan's death was determined to be on August 4, 2013?

5. With whom does Megan say she moved in after she left Ipswich?

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