Objects & Places from The Girl on the Train

Paula Hawkins
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Carriage D

This is the compartment where the main protagonist sits most mornings and evenings on her daily commute to London.

Number 23, Blenheim Road

This location in the novel is where the protagonist once lived with her husband in Witney. She passes this home daily on her commute and tries - and fails - to ignore it.

Number 15, Blenheim Road

This is Rachel's favorite home to watch as she commutes on the train each day. She has given imaginary names (Jess and Jason) to the home's inhabitants and imagines their perfect married life.

Pile of Clothes

This landmark is noted by Rachel as the train passes Witney throughout the novel. She wonders how it came to be next to the train tracks and imagines the circumstances of its appearance.

Gym Bag

This object, discovered by Anna under the bed in her and her husband's bedroom, is the first...

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