The Girl on the Train Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paula Hawkins
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• The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller that is related in a nonlinear narrative from the first-person perspectives of three female characters.

• The lives of these three unreliable narrators intertwine as Rachel Watson, the main protagonist, attempts to unravel a murder and to recall her involvement on the night of the crime.

• There are no chapter titles in The Girl on the Train; each section is introduced by date, time (morning or evening), and the name of the first-person narrator.

• The novel opens on Friday morning, July 5, 2013, with an opening narrative from Rachel’s perspective.

• Rachel describes a pile of clothing by the train and explores how it got there through her imagination.

• The narrative next transitions to the evening of the same day; Rachel rides the train back to her shared flat and drinks pre-mixed gin and tonics.

• Rachel describes the lonely weekend coming...

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