The Girl Next Door Character Descriptions

Jack Ketchum
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David Moran

This character is often torn between loyalty to friends and the belief that adults are always right.

Meg Loughlin

This character is violently abused both physically and verbally which leads to his or her death.

Ruth Chandler

This character is an instigator who takes their aggression out on others and is eventually killed for their actions.

Donny Chandler

This character has an unstable home life and hurts others through sexual aggression.

Willie Chandler, Jr.

This character is considered the mean twin and strongly enjoys violence and participating in the abuse of others.


This character is the first of a group of kids to use fire and scalding hot water to harm another.

Susan Loughlin

This character is badly hurt in a car accident that leaves him or her in leg braces as well as arm braces.

Eddie Crocker

This character is young and angry and...

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